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Re: Are we seeing a major change in emphaisis?
From Max on 26 May '98
adding to Are we seeing a major change in emphaisis? posted by Paul Graham

>Would our advertising dollars be better spent on a
>specialised directory or in the designated topic for our
>site in Yahoo, for instance?
If your target market is likely to be using those directories
or search engines, probably so. If your client's resorts offer
has on-site child care, a site with a lot of parents visiting it
(and an ad that mentions the child care) would probably get you
more results than an ad in a general resort directory.

I worked with a marketing director who had a brilliant idea -
they sold oil-field equipment. He scaled back his print ads and
started advertising on radio (country stations), during drive time
for the oil field workers, which was before standard drive time, and
during what would be their lunch hours. Nothing flashy - just a
"music for the people who us our stuff" ad campaign with a few
contests. His reasoning was that every oil field worker's truck
and office had CW blaring from somewhere ... and the management had to
visit sometime. They made a significant amount of sales.

>My research (for what it is worth) shows a higher level
>of click-throughs from my listings on smaller, more
>specialised sites than I have received from Infoseek,
>Excite or Yahoo - individually that is.
Yup - search out those specialty pages and acquire cross-links.
On the oldest site I manage, about 3/4 of the traffic comes in
from sites with related info and cross links.

>Are we utilising smaller sites rather than large
>directories? Are we becoming more experienced in the way
>navigate the web?
I tend to use a big search engine only long enough to
find a site with a lot of good links ... from then on, I let the
other guy do the searching.

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