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Re: Are we seeing a major change in emphaisis?
From Paul Graham on 26 May '98
adding to Re: Are we seeing a major change in emphaisis? posted by Max

Hi Max

Many thanks for expressing your views on this.

I am really trying to gather as much information
as I can on different people's navigation methods.

Thanks again


>>Would our advertising dollars be better spent on a
>>specialised directory or in the designated topic for our
>>site in Yahoo, for instance?
> If your target market is likely to be using those directories
>or search engines, probably so. If your client's resorts offer
>has on-site child care, a site with a lot of parents visiting it
>(and an ad that mentions the child care) would probably get you
>more results than an ad in a general resort directory.

> I worked with a marketing director who had a brilliant idea -
>they sold oil-field equipment. He scaled back his print ads and
>started advertising on radio (country stations), during drive time
>for the oil field workers, which was before standard drive time, and
>during what would be their lunch hours. Nothing flashy - just a
>"music for the people who us our stuff" ad campaign with a few
>contests. His reasoning was that every oil field worker's truck
>and office had CW blaring from somewhere ... and the management had to
>visit sometime. They made a significant amount of sales.

>>My research (for what it is worth) shows a higher level
>>of click-throughs from my listings on smaller, more
>>specialised sites than I have received from Infoseek,
>>Excite or Yahoo - individually that is.
> Yup - search out those specialty pages and acquire cross-links.
>On the oldest site I manage, about 3/4 of the traffic comes in
>from sites with related info and cross links.

>>Are we utilising smaller sites rather than large
>>directories? Are we becoming more experienced in the way
>>navigate the web?
> I tend to use a big search engine only long enough to
>find a site with a lot of good links ... from then on, I let the
>other guy do the searching.

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