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Re: Are we seeing a major change in emphaisis?
From Jack Smith at KARNAC Motor Sports Web Services on 27 May '98
adding to Are we seeing a major change in emphaisis? posted by Paul Graham

>Just testing out a few ideas here. I am now of the
>opinion that within the next 18 months or so we are
>going to see a massive change in emphasis in the way
>we navigate the web.

You can already see the shift. Massive change will be visible to
all within a year. The shift to specialized
search sites and better directories is very much needed, as the major
search engines are unable to provide the services we need.
And there is absolutely wrong with charging for directory
listings. Web site owners who run sites for fun can create
free directories while if someone has a commercial site
they should be willing to pay for prospects.
Whether tou can afford to pay for advertising
is another story. Business is after all business.

>Are the days of a free Internet coming to a close? I
>distinctly think so.

The internet has never been free. I've spent over a year
learning and developing and using Free this and free that.
But it's cost me a bundle for my time
of research and development when I could have
been working a real job.

>By that I am not saying that we will have to pay to
>get listed - just that we will be ranked bottom of the
>pile if we don't.

Bottom of what pile? Infoseek Excite Webcrawler/
These guys have outgrown their importance.
And the more they go out of touch with their original
business of providing a sensible and easy means to navigate the
web, the lower their stock and search visitors will go in propotion to the size
of the web.

>Now, this opens the door to an entirely new style of
>Search Engine. For some months now I have been monitoring
>the number of specialised search engines and directories
>that are popping up. And, believe me they are appearing
>at an incredible rate.

There's Gold in them Hills!

>Would our advertising dollars be better spent on a
>specialised directory or in the designated topic for our
>site in Yahoo, for instance?

Depends completely on what you are trying to accomplish with your site

>Are we utilising smaller sites rather than large
>directories? Are we becoming more experienced in the way
>navigate the web?

Of course, people go to search engies the way they go grocery
shopping...dodging carts and get in and out quick. Anyone who has a half decent
links page on ther site will find it to be
one of their busiest pages.

Well Thats my two cents.


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