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Re: Infoseek's new ESP feature
From P@t on 30 May '98
adding to Infoseek's new ESP feature posted by Holt Meyers

>Ever since Infoseek introduced its ESP (Extra Search Precision) feature I can't get to the top of the list.
>I used to be able to get in the top 10 listings.

>Anyone got any ideas on how to get my pages near the top again????

Try getting rid of the index page and moving
the index2 page up front. It's one more
page click that might make some ppl move
on. And when the robots come looking thru
your site they'll find all the content there
up front. And that's the major change w/
the new SE's they look more at the content
on the page itself than in the head or META

>They seem to have singled out the more established sites like Happy Puppy, Gamecenter and Gamespot.
>I had to reduce the number of keywords I was using to avoid being blocked again. But the other sites are still using them (Gamespot in particular).

Don't worry from the looks of your site you
got a good start.

Any chance of some hardware reviews tho? =]

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