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Re: accepting credit cards
From Liz on 10 June '98
adding to accepting credit cards posted by fab

I looked through my bookmarks and came up with a couple of sites you might want to look at. I'm in the US, so I'm not sure if they do other countries, but they might be worth a try:

- Kagi (www.kagi.com) does payment processing and doesn't require a merchant account, just like Realtime Commerce. Looks like most of their customers are shareware software vendors, but it doesn't say anywhere that's the only products they work with.

- E-vend (www.evend.com) also does payment processing, but might require a merchant account first -- you'll have to inquire.

- If you're selling software, check out buydirect.com and software.net. Both take about 20% off the top + $400 yearly, but do not require merchant accounts.

- A great list of links for e-commerce is at Elsop's Webmaster's Resources: www.elsop.com/wrc/ecrc.htm . Most of what I've learned (that I didn't learn here :) was from following links on this site.

Hope this helps...

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