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Back If you've only just arrived on the 'Net then you're probably wondering what on Earth this Web site is all about. To grasp the concepts, you need to understand how your Internet life will unfold in the future. It'll happen in three stages...

  1. Learning To Read
    When you first get connected, the first thing you'll do is to surf the Web. In other words, you'll be viewing lots of (other people's) Web sites and perhaps even purchase an item or two.

  2. Learning To Write
    It won't take you long to discover that you can create your very own Web site for the world to see, and it involves only a small amount of knowledge and hardly any expense.

  3. Making Money
    Most people who build a Web site do so in order to sell something. This is where things start getting tough! You'll soon realise that the more people who visit your site, the more stuff you'll sell. But how do you get people to visit your site? That's where deadlock steps in!

The number of people viewing your Web site is called traffic. The general process of increasing the amount of traffic to your Web site is known as Web site promotion and this is exactly what we specialise in.

There are various ways we can help you increase the amount of traffic to your site, depending on how much experience you already have; how much effort you're prepared to make yourself; whether you can afford to spend any money on the project... etc.

Now that you have a general idea about how we might be useful to you, please visit our Home Page to read more about our specific services. Please note that site design is the only service that requires a quotation, everything else has standard prices, posted on the relevant pages.

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